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Our Purpose and Mission

Some Lofty Goals


From our simple beginnings in 2011, to now, much thought has been given to the purpose and mission of Raising John. Raising John wants to be a positive giving force in the world. 

At the forefront of that purpose is the desire to help people in their busy lives by giving them healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare recipes for an affordable price.

The second way  is through sustainable and generous business practices. As Raising John grows, and ‘I’ becomes ‘We’, we will pay our employees well, we will source more sustainable packaging, and utilize more organic and fair-trade products.  

Thirdly, Raising John will contribute to the local and global community in charitable ways. This will take the form of donations of product to food programs, and involvement in or creation of development projects. 

The Raising John story

At Raising John, we believe that to have a healthy life, you need important values like community, love of nature, and good wholesome food. 

This journey all started for me when my mom decided to get our family living healthier lives and eating healthier food. She learned that the first step was to get rid of the processed foods with their hidden sugars and preservatives. The next step was to learn how to use whole, natural ingredients,  just as nature intended. From there she created healthy, great tasting meals from scratch. 

Through the years, my mom experimented and tested different flavours and ingredients on our friends, our family, and anyone else who would cross her path. From those precious time-tested recipes, we created these simple, delicious meals and snacks. Now I am impassioned to pick up the challenge that my family began, and bring these treasures to you.

Pick up a Raising John creation today and see how fast, easy, and satisfying it is to bring healthy food into your home.

Wishing you a life of healthy and happiness, John