Raising John is a line of gluten-free, plant-based and mostly organic meal, soup & snack mixes. Take home a mix, add an ingredient or two and you're done! Simple, fast, super delicious, and super nutritious with no fillers, no preservatives, or added sugar. Clean, good for you and really really tasty.

Raising John Home Made Easy Recipes:

~RJ Coconut Curry - Simmer the mix for 45 minutes in 4 cups of water, add a can of coconut milk. Thats it! Serve this delicious non-spicy but extremely flavourful and super nutritious curry hot on rice or vegetables for  delicious vegan meal, or serve with protein, like grilled shrimp, lamb or chicken. Add spice to increase heat. Add the included raison, coconut and almond garnishes at will for more flavour make the dish look even nicer. The recipe options are almost endless.

Serve 4-6 full serving sized portions with one single bag. That's just a couple of bucks per serving! You don't have to be rich to eat rich. Raising John Coconut Curry is amazingly affordable and a premium quality whole-food. A rare and spectacular find.

~RJ Energy Bars Mixes Mix with warmed honey and peanut butter (or brown rice syrup for a vegan recipe, or almond/wild/seed butters as a peanut butter alternative), then cool the mix in a 9x9 baking pan in the refrigerator for a few minutes to firm, then cut into 25 delicious super-food nutrition bars for around 50 cents each versus 2-4 dollars each pre-packed individually from the store shelf. It's like getting 22 free energy bars.

What's even better is that unlike the energy bars on the shelf in stores, there is zero added sugar, zero preservatives and zero fillers. Raising John Energy Bars are guilt-free deliciousness you can use as a snack or as delicious food that hits the sweet-spot and keeps you going all day! The best of both worlds.

Our Story


ThRAISING JOHN story all started when I was a kid. 

The 80’s was a weird time for food. On the one hand, my family ate lots of healthy food, right out of the garden. But on the other hand, artificial and processed foods were on the rise, like weird cheese products, processed meats, sugary cereals, food from cans, frozen foods and so on. On top of it all, the food that should have been healthy and clean was whitened and refined, like white bread, white rice, and white sugar...
Even though I was a pretty cute kid, my mom Debbie soon noticed that I was also a real brat, and not the normal kind, I was abnormally bratty. I had temper tantrums, attention problems, and general bad behavior. She just didn’t know what to do with me. But with a little research into healthy, back-to-basics food, my mom started making changes to my diet.
She changed my sister’s diet too... although my sister would tell you that she was FAR less bratty than me! As my mom learned more and more, she started using only whole grains, cut out all the refined sugar and started making everything from scratch, as close to nature as possible. And WOW what a difference! We were like different kids. It was amazing. Now, all these years later, life is faster, fuller and busier than ever. It’s hard to find the time to cook at all, let alone cook from scratch.
That’s where Raising John comes in.
Inspired by my mom’s healthy home cooking, our Home-Made Easy recipes allow you to make delicious, healthy food, in a few super easy steps. 
My mom is no longer with us, but her desire to create healthy, delicious, nutritious meal and snack options lives on in Raising John. The goal is to empower you to provide amazing food on-the-fly and to feed a family of four for just a few bucks. The Raising John (and Debbie) promise is to continue to provide you and your family delicious, plant-based, gluten-free, healthy meals and snacks at an amazing value. 
Pick up a RAISING JOHN creation today and see how fast, easy, and satisfying it is to bring healthy food into your home. 
With Much Love,
The Raising John Family
Our Mission
  • Healthy food for all - This bold but simple idea lies at the heart of Raising John’s mission and purpose
  • Raising John helps people in their busy lives with healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare recipes for a GREAT VALUE
  • Abiding by and further innovating responsible business practices
  • Being committed to creating a positive personal growth environment for our employees, offering competitive wages, improving  sustainability by sourcing improved packaging, and by utilizing more organic and fair-trade products
  • Giving back - Raising John will give back to the local and global community. This will be through involvement in charitable projects, and through monetary and in-kind donations to like-minded organizations and causes